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DXpeditioning with a cause: The T2R Tuvalu Radio Club Initiative

Presenter: N7SMI

Location: SelectHealth

Tuvalu (T2) is a fairly rare DXCC entity, currently at #74 on the global Clublog most-wanted list, and #52 for Europe. DXpeditions have activated this remote Pacific nation on occasion but up until now there have not been any local operators there. The land is very low-lying, with 7 inhabited narrow coral atolls. The highest elevation is 15 ft above sea level so the country is very susceptible to flooding from frequent cyclones. Communication infrastructure is poor, so amateur radio definitely has a place in disaster preparedness. 

Jared (N7SMI) and John (KK7L) recently spent a week in Tuvalu to follow-up on John's prior work last summer in assisting the Tuvalu people with getting on the air with amateur radio and in donating equipment. Another DXpedition donated additional gear in November and provided some training, and so did KC0W during his T2COW activation — setting the stage for the first amateur radio club in Tuvalu (T2R) under Jared and John’s guidance.


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DX Clusters and Skimmers

Presenter: NG7M

Location: SelectHealth

This will be a hands-on training session from none other than our very own Max George (NG7M) who operates with Jim (W7CT) the popular NC7J cluster terminal in Syracuse UT. Max will show us how to set up our favorite logging software to obtain DX spots and CW/RTTY skimmer notifications. There is so much that can be done to customize the spots to your specific needs by way of commands to the cluster. 

Please bring a laptop with your logging software loaded and Max will explain all of the cool features of cluster terminals. Max will also have a portable Wifi Hot Spot for up to 15 users.


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Proposed Changes to UDXA Constitution and By-Laws Posted for Review

I strongly suggest that every UDXA Member refer to the minutes of the September 6, 2016 meeting of the UDXA Board of Directors (under Club Organization/Board Meetings) and carefully review the documents which follow those minutes.  They are copies of the current UDXA Constitution and By-Laws which have been marked up with changes that were recommended by the UDXA Board of Directors during their September 6, 2016 meeting.  All recommended changes are printed in RED.  All recommended deletions have been overstricken with a horizontal black line.  These recommended changes will be formally presented to the club membership at the September 21, 2016 UDXA Meeting with the plan that voting for acceptance of the recommendations will take place at the October 19, 2016 UDXA Meeting.


Mark your calendars - Sept 21st presentation from Don Butler

Hey gang,

Many thanks to all who came out to the club BBQ at Richard's home. It was great food, great company, with gracious hosts! It was nice to visit with many of you who have assisted me in my journey back to activity in HF radio and DXing... a journey which began in February of last year with Mark (W7HPW) diagnosing my new antenna/coax issues over the phone to Don Butler (N5LZ) checking my first batch of QSL cards for the DXCC certificates adorning my wall five months later (I'm now up to 180 worked / 172 confirmed - yippee!). I could go on and on with many thanks (you all know who you are!) but anyway, the UDXA is fine group of hams. I'm looking forward to joining Jared (N7SMI) on my second DXpedition to Tuvalu later this month, where we are already working with the Tuvalu Red Cross to establish backup communications via amateur radio for the next time another devastating cyclone hits that rare DXCC entity and hope to have some locals licensed and active on the bands before we leave.

Mark your calendars for our next club meeting on Sept 21st from 7:00pm at the Select Health Building in Murray where our own Don Butler (N5LZ) will present “Busting Those Huge Pileups.” Don will share tricks and techniques that he learned as he worked his way to the top of the DXCC Honor Roll. It’s going to an informative audio-visual presentation and is really the core of what we DXers do in working our way up the DXCC ranks.

We will also have a “101” training class beforehand at 6:00 pm from Ron (KF7ZN) on “The History of DXing.”

See you then,
John Mitton (KK7L)


Regular Monthly UDXA Board Meeting Sept 6, 2016

The next monthly UDXA Board Meeting will be held at 6:30 pm MDT Tuesday Sept 6, 2016 via Teleconference.  UDXA Members are welcome to participate in the meeting by calling 1-302-202-1110 and, when prompted for the conference code, entering: 218085.  Board members will be unmuted; visitors will be muted by default.  Attendees who are muted can let the host know that they have a question or wish to comment by tapping 5* on their phone keypad. 


Club BBQ 2016

Hi all,
We are on our summer break.  
Please join us for our next event, the Club BBQ at the shack of Richard Harris NI7F, on Saturday August 20th at 4 pm. We will begin getting together from 4pm and food will be served at 5:30. The club will provide hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, condiments and drinks. Please bring a side dish to share and folding chairs for those in your group.
Click here for QTH map: 589 E 1400 S, MAPLETON, UT 84664-5025 
  Take 400 south Springville exit on freeway
  Head east until you get to State street in Springville where you turn right
  Stay in right lane curving to right
  Stay on this road until you get to stoplight at 1600 south where you turn left
  After about 2 miles turn left on 600 east and his home is 2 blocks after this turn


Hal Turley (W8HC) Presentation June 15th

Hey gang,

We are excited that veteran Pacific DXpeditioner Hal Turley (W8HC) is visiting Utah this month and will make a presentation to the UDXA on Wednesday, June 15th at the Select Health buliding in Murray (just west off I-15 @ 53rd South).

Hal has served as ARRL SM for West Virginia for two terms and is past president of the West Virginia DX Association. An avid DXer and contester, Hal is on top of the DXCC Honor Roll with 349 entities and has 9-band DXCC. 

His DXpeditions to the Pacific are many, including participating in successful activations of:

  • 2012 Swains Island (NH8S)
  • 2013 Wake Island Commemoration (K9W)
  • 2015 Willis Island (VK9WA)
  • 2016 Palmyra Atoll (K5P)
Please join us for this special meeting prior to Field Day to learn from Hal's experience in working both sides of the pileups, and gain insight from him as to what it takes to secure permits, plan, and execute the activation of rare entities.


DX LABS NPOTA Instructions


UDXA Intra-Club 2016 Contest

For more information on the 2016 DX Marathon please visit the following address:


Election Results!

At the very enjoyable Christmas party held last Saturday at the home of Dan and Debi Bishop, the annual elections were held for club officers. The officers elected for the 2016 year are:

President: Bob Carter, WR7Q
Vice President: John Mitton, KK7L
Secretary: Bryon Densley, W7RIV
Treasurer: Charles Mayne, WF0V
Director: Bob Craven, N7GTE

Past President: Darryl Hazelgren, K7UT
Director: George Hirst, WF4U

Congratulations to the winners. Good luck and much success in the coming year.


Constitution / Bylaws

The UDXA Board of Directors proposed several ammendments to the UDXA Constitution and By-laws which were presented to the membership in the November meeting and were voted on at the December meeting. The voting was unanimous in the affirmative. The ammended Constitution and By-laws are posted to the website.


UDXA Officer Candidates for 2016

The Nominating Committee presented a slate of officers for 2016 during the November club meeting. Here are biographies of the guys you will be able to vote for at the December meeting: Candidates