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Message from the President

Welcome to another year of DXing!!!!!!! This should be an interesting year with some major DXpeditions, sunspot minimum, possible new entities, digital modes, etc.

If you are visiting our website for the first time, welcome! You are invited to call any of the officers for more information, and even better attend the next meeting. As stated in our constitution, our purpose is “to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio and DXing in the community”. If you want to learn about DXing and contesting, this is the place. You will find outstanding operators, and very knowledgeable members, who will be willing to help you. There is a treasure trove of information available.

Registration is open for the Visalia DX Convention now. Hope to see you there. If you have questions let us know. I will be going for my first time this year, and will look forward to reporting back to the club about the experience.

Field Day is June 23rd and 24th, more to come. 7QP is May 5th, it would be good to see a lot of involvement in this contest from our club this year. We will be talking more about this as well.

So what are we doing this year?????????? Here a few items and thoughts.

I am working with Jed, AD7KG, for changes, additions and improvements to our website. This may include: relabeling folders, adding info on other important DX sites, include solar weather forecast, president’s message, pictures, and more.

Bob, WR7Q, has some great ideas in his role for this year, but I will let him present them when he is ready.

We are looking at attracting new members. One way is by mailing to new Extra class operators to inform them about the club. Other ideas on this, and on ways to improve the club are in the board minutes, but we are having active discussions on this. We need to get our message out to those who might be interested.

Now I am going to end this with my personal thoughts, not in any particular order. We need to make sure that our focus is on our specialization, DXing and contesting, (and I think a subset of that is awards). Keeping focused on this target will give us the opportunity to excel as a club and individually. We have a passion for our hobby, and for DX/contesting. The club’s purpose is to promote that. We are not trying to fill the niche that the local clubs are so good at. There are many levels in our club of expertise, knowledge, time, abilities and finances, but everyone adds value at the level they are at. There are great mentors in the club. The value of coming to meetings where physically possible, is a combination of what an individual will get out of them, and just as importantly (maybe even more importantly), what they can contribute through their expertise, their friendship, and their involvement. Success is always enhanced by positive energy. I value my association with the club, mentors and friends, and I will work hard this year to help the club.

Feel free to let me know of ideas that you may have, or your ability to be involved such as, 7QP, attracting new members, Field Day, becoming better at DX/contesting, or anything else.


Ron, KF7ZN