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Message from the President

Whether you are a new member or just checking out the club, welcome. If you are interested in DXing then you are welcome to join us as a place to receive spots, work on your DXCC, find friendships, mentoring, activities, ham radio, and perhaps eventual honor roll status.

I am having a thoroughly enjoyable time with DXing, meeting with fellow DXer’s and Ham Radio friends, and life in general. I sincerely hope that each of you are finding happiness and satisfaction in what you do.

I will post later what we are doing as a board to help each of you and the club.

So, there I was, getting ready for the special honor and privilege of being an AR (Assistant Referee) at the first televised soccer high school game, on the first high school turf field in Oregon.

I was a high school basketball and soccer ref for 23 years until my knees made me quit. I had hundreds of interesting experiences in that time in four different states. I had a passion for it. I went to every association meeting, clinics and camps during the summer, went to games with senior, more experienced refs to watch and learn, bought training videos, and obtained every certification I could. I had the opportunity to learn from and meet with nationally famous refs, and one who was ranked as one of the top three in the world, working numerous world cup games as the center. I received higher level games each year and advanced each season.

As I was advancing up the ladder, I was taught a valuable lesson by an NCAA Division 1 basketball ref. He said that regardless of the level of game, never think that a game or an official was below me, enjoy any of the successes of fellow refs at any level, and never think that I had arrived. As I worked higher and higher-level games, I always tried to give back. I taught refs and at clinics all the way from church level to youth to advanced levels. Some folks just wanted to be a church ref, some wanted to go to college level, and the rest were in between, but they all loved being a referee. I always encouraged them to improve in some facet every game and every season.

There are similarities. Let’s be sure to enjoy the success of others, whether it is a first contact to New York or Canada, or achieving their 300th entity. We all enjoy DXing for various reasons. Some of us are at a time where there are higher priorities and demands on our time. Some have 300 plus countries and numerous awards. But there is always a way to promote DXing and excel, whether going for your initial DXCC or 8 band DXCC. Whether learning all you can or mentoring others to be a great Dx’ers. I would encourage everyone to set a goal of some kind for DXing. This could be to help with a club activity, be a 7QP participant, achieve a certificate such as DXCC or some of the much higher ones, etc.

Let’s look at DXCC for example. I give the following as a personal example, not to make myself sound great, but the challenge I had. Last year as secretary I decided I needed to be an example, bite the bullet and get my DXCC. By November I had 74 countries, so I really kicked it in to gear and around December 20th got my 100th confirmed. When I was put in as President I again felt that I needed to pick a goal to encourage others and be an example, so this year I am working towards having 200 countries by end of year. I may not make it but will work hard and have fun trying.

If you do not have DXCC consider that for a goal. And do it because you want to, for the fun and challenge of it.

What might be some of the reasons you do not have it yet:

LOTW is too complicated. Trust me it is not, and there are many who will help you. Don’t let this be a barrier.

I have paper QSL’s. All you need is the 100 cards, and there are card checkers in Utah that you can meet with. Piece of cake.

I do not have a logging program. Most logging programs are not difficult and are great. My favorite is DXLAB. Many mentors to help with this one.

I have HOA problems with an antenna. Take a look at the flagpole antennas, and other resources now available.

I do not own a nice transceiver or a large antenna. With FT8 you no longer need those, while it helps there is now other options.

Why even do it? Strictly an ego pleaser and personal satisfaction of achieving the goal. I for one think it would be cool to be able to brag about a high percentage of our members had achieved theirs.

We could go on much more, but just think about it.

As I was saying this was a huge high school soccer game, and I was lucky enough to be one of the three referees. Our center ref was a college and MSL ref. I chose my best and newest uniform, shoes were spotless, I got a haircut one week before the game. The three of us met together as a team about two hours before the game to review and prepare. Then we were out in front of the cameras to a sold-out game. Many of our referee friends and colleagues were there. We met in the middle, then turned and at the same time went to the nets, checked exactly by the books, then went to our side positions in military precision. We both unfurled our flags at the same time. I stood straight, tall and professional. Then, with cameras running, and all eyes on the field, a few minutes before we were to start a very loud voice came out of the stands, “Hey Wilcox, you are on the wrong line!” Everyone heard it, and sure enough, I was standing on the football line, not the soccer line. Without changing my stance, still looking straight forward, I stepped back to the right line. I heard about this for many months. So, remember to have fun, relax and enjoy the ride, while at the same time improving and achieving.


73 Ron KF7ZN